Springtime Joggers

Joggers are the new chic sweat pant and a mom’s new comfy best friend. They’re considered one of the more versatile items in a woman’s wardrobe as you can dress them up or down. From a sneakers to stilettos, joggers are perfect for transitioning from a day with the kids to date night with your hubby. We’ve taken two joggers and provided alternate styles that you can rock out.

  • image Leather Joggers 1

    These are great early spring weather pants. While the weather is seemingly perfect, and you’re finally able to get the kids out of the house, the versatility in theses leather joggers will afford you two great ensembles in one.

  • Leather Joggers II

    After a day of errands and fun with the kids, it’s time for a quick change so you can meet your hubby for drinks. Simply switch out your green jacket for a sleeveless duster jacket, heels, and some fun accessories and your ready to go!

  • Traditional Jogger I

    For these joggers, mommy’s get the sweat pant feel in a sleeker form. Again, they’re as versatile as the leather jogging pant and can be dressed up and down.

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