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Connecting with fabulous mommy’s is one of our favorite things to do here at Mummy Chic! And today we would love to introduce you to our featured mommy Haya Tetruashvili, founder of fashion blog, Good Good Gorgeous. Haya, mommy of one, lives in both Washington, DC and Barcelona, Spain. How FABULOUS is that?! She is most known for her chic, yet edgy style that has her readers always wanting more. Being a fashion risk taker is not the easiest title to uphold when entering the wonderful world of motherhood. Haya, who has a beautiful one year old girl, sat down with us to share her experiences with the many changes of motherhood, and how it has impacted her day to day life as a fashion lover. In the end, her thoughts on motherhood and self love are consistent with ours. She says “It is so important not only for ourselves but for our children especially, that we are calm and happy. It makes such a big difference in how we treat our babies and our loved ones. Once we are happy, we treat ourselves and others right!” Please enjoy our chat with Haya!

MC: What are your style inspirations?

Haya: My style inspiration nowadays comes from Pinterest. I love finding the looks I’d love to wear and keeping them in my boards. And of course there are bloggers that I follow like Oracle Fox, love her style, and of course always Vogue is my guide for style. And honestly my friends are a great inspiration for style. I love that all I have to do is hang with them and ask where they got those shoes, or that bag, or that jewelry. They travel so much and most of them work in fashion in Paris, or London, so it saves me a lot of time and energy!

MC: What is an essential beauty item that you carry in your diaper bag at all times?

Haya: I always carry my Tom Ford nude lipstick, my Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection, and my Dior skinflash primer. Oh! And I always carry sunglasses because even though it’s not technically a beauty product, it definitely hides those sleepless nights under my eyes!

MC: What has been the most difficult part in adjusting your style and beauty routine since becoming a mother?

Haya: TIME MANAGEMENT, I definitely do not have that much time on my hands for myself and my beauty routine, and I cannot work out as much as I used to or pamper my hair or skin. But I have learned how to put on makeup in five minutes and look fresh and rested, and I have learned to prepare ahead of time with my style and beauty routine. Oh, and well,l my body is not what I always knew it as, so black is definitely my best friend no matter the season!

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MC: What is your biggest style and/or beauty sacrifice now that you are a mother?

Haya: I can’t wear my signature look, which was loose/ baggy trousers and cropped tops! I don’t remember when I went to get my nails done now; I mostly do them myself, and I am not too bad at it anymore!

MC: Do you have any time saving beauty products that you have been using since becoming a mother?

Haya: Yes, the Dior skinflash primer has been a life saver, and I use this amazing Clarin’s lip oil, oh and I have fallen in love with Shu Uemura shampoo.

MC: What do you do to relax and make time for yourself?

Haya: I love taking baths now, it is so relaxing! I go on really long evening walks, and I always make time to exercise at least three times a week.

MC: What advice would you give a new mom struggling not to lose herself in the new world of motherhood?

Haya: It is so important not only for ourselves but for our children especially that we are calm and happy. It makes such a big difference in how we treat our babies and our loved ones. Once we are happy and treat ourselves right!

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