Mommy Essential Winter Moisturizers

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    Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Body Butter; $8.09 at Target

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    Organic Coconut Oil. $9.99 at

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    l’occitane shea butter ultra rich body cream; $44.00 at Sephora

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    Ellis Verb Excellent Body Milk; $55 at

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    Amlachtin Moisturizing Body Lotion; $16.99 at Walgreens

Remaining moisturized during these cold winter months can pose a challenge for many mommy’s on the go. Here are some tips to preventing dry, cracked skin and some of our favorite products to stay well moisturized. Stay chic Mummy’s!

Borrow your baby’s humidifier– During winter monnths when your heat is on blast, the air in your home becomes dry and essentially dries out your skin. By using a humidifier, you combat that dry air with moisture and WALA moisture is retained in your skin.

Stay away from hot showers– It’s easier said than done to not take a steaming hot shower when it is freezing outside. However, you are doing more harm than good to your already dry skin┬áThe hot water temperature and the evaporation of water off of the skin, once out of the shower, causes the skin to become even more dry. So try to maintain a lukewarm temperature.

Throw out your light weight lotions– Incorporate thicker moisturizers and heavier creams to your daily lotion regimen. Try rich body butters that include shea butter and coconut oil. My personal favorite is 100% coconut oil straight from the grocery store aisle. It completely rejuventates my cracked, itchy skin.

Don’t forget your hands and feet– Dry, cracked feet are common and can be painful during winter months. Remember to pay tons of attention to your hands, as they are constantly exposed. Placing vaseline on your hands and feet and wrapping them in saran wrap (once the kiddies are sleep) provides a youithful glow and softness.

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