Five Chic Mommy Diaper Bag Essentials

Transitioning from my purse and tote bag to a diaper bag posed as quite the challenge for me. I was accustomed to filling my bag up to the brim with any and every personal item that could fit. So having to choose only essential items to place into my new shared purse, aka diaper bag, took some getting used to. So to make things easier for the new mommy still  trying to figure things out, here are a list of my five chic mommy essentials for a diaper bag. Stay Chic Mummy’s!

Sunglasses– The first few years of motherhood can be tough. Particularly during the first six months. My son is 27 months, and I honestly can’t recall the last full night of sleep I had. So my savior during restless nights was my sunglasses. My eyes are already dark, and once you throw in a few sleepless nights, I look like a completely different person. Black lense Sunglasses are definitely a must have.

Concealer– Having a brightening concealer to cover up your under eye circles and post pardum breakouts is a life saver. My favorite is bright future gel serum concealer at Sephora. It features a built in concealer brush, and anything with a brush makes my life easier! Your look wil brighten up instantly with the stroke of a brush.

Lip Gloss– Another instant touch of glamour is lip gloss. I personally prefer a pink lip gloss as it brightens your face and adds color when you don’t have the time to put on your five minute mommy face.  One of my faves is Beige by NYX. However, if any color with a high gloss works.

Hand Sanitizer– You may think this is an obvious choice, but not every mommy remembers. It took me some time to. When you’re out and about you are constantly touching things and most importantly you are touching your baby. The strong scent of many hand sanitizers are off putting, particularly to your little one. I prefer something lighter like this orange scented hand sanitizer by the Honest Company.

Phone Charging Case– With so many things running through your mind you can be forgetful when packing your babies diaper bag and ensuring all of his items are there. This item does not qualify as a beauty or Mummy Chic essental, because it is in its own lane. It is a LIFE SAVER. Phone charging cases can get a bit pricey and are not always visually appealing; however, they are worth iit when ylou are running errands with a crying little one and your phone hits 10%!

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