Mummy Crush Mondays: Denise Nicole

Happy Mummy Crush Monday!!

Denise Nicole, creator of Hope and High Heels was introduced to me via Instagram. Her passion for style and her individuality truly embodies the purpose of Mummy Chic Inc. and staying true to yourself in the wonderful world of motherhood. I had the pleasure to connect with her last week to discuss how she does it all! And trust me, as a mother of a toddler and newborn, she reallly is doing it all! I love authentic Mommy’s who want to empower other Mommy’s; which is why I know you will love Denise! She provides great advice on motherhood and helps us put things into perspective. Enjoy Denise Nicole. Stay chic Mummy’s XOXOXO

Denise IV-MCI


Who is your style inspiration? 

I am most inspired by everyday women on the streets of NYC because they are so resourceful. Most of us don’t have the means to spend thousands on one piece of clothing. Celebrities live in another world fashion-wise not only because their budgets are bigger but because their lifestyles are as well. I mean, they can get driven everywhere, they don’t have to take the subway or the bus their outfit choices don’t have to be practical at all. So I love raw inspiration from women commuting in NYC who have interesting lives and budgets and have to commute in rush hour, or dress for work and grab drinks later or a play-date and transition to a look for dinner with friends in one fail swoop. These women wear interesting and utilitarian looks that evolve.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! What has been the most difficult part in transitioning from one kid to two?

Everything! Lol, it has been challenging on many fronts but so rewarding. I am an exclusively breastfeeding mom so I would have to say since I spend so much time nursing finding time to still get that quality moment with my son has been a little challenging. What I do is while nursing  on one side I snuggle with my toddler on the other while reading him a book or something. But when we are on the go or I’m trying to do multiple things it can get tricky. Bath time is another thing I’m still working on planning out appropriately. Most days I end up bathing my toddler while wearing my newborn in the carrier and then have my toddler help with bath time for my newborn. So while there are challenges as moms we always find a solution- it’s what we do!

Since having your second baby, have you been able to take time to yourself to rest and relax?

Yes, I have learned that it’s so important as a mom to take care of yourself or else you will not be the best mom that you can. I have to thank my husband for really encouraging me to go and get a manicure or grab brunch with friends on the weekends to recharge.

“Continue to “get dressed.” Do not succumb to the stereotype that moms only wear yoga pants and sweatshirts.”

Denise- MCI 2

What advice would you provide new mothers who are struggling to maintain a sense of them since having a baby?

It is essential to the well-being of your family to take care of yourself, so don’t feel guilty about taking some time for you. If you have a partner let them watch the kids for at least a couple of hours once a week, get a manicure, go out with friends, take yourself on a date! If you are a single mom, get a babysitter or ask a friend or family member, it’s just a couple of hours of their time but for you it will make a world of difference! Oh, and continue to “get dressed” do not succumb to the stereotype that moms only wear yoga pants and sweatshirts. If that was your style before and it makes you feel good, go for it! I mean athleisure anyone? There are some seriously cute yoga pants out there now, ahem-sheer panels?? Lol But my point is don’t feel like because you have kids that you cannot still look good, take time to wear what makes you feel good.

“I always have a bright lipstick, it instantly ups the ante on any look.”

I loved your article Postpartum in PinkBlush! You stated that over sized pieces, capes and ponchos are your go to items for postpartum fashion. Now that the weather is changing, what postpartum fashion tips do you have for mommies in the spring?

Thank you! For spring wear dresses! Loose and comfy dresses and jean jackets and I’m also currently crushing on culottes.

What beauty must have do you keep in your diaper bag?

I always have a bright lipstick, it instantly ups the ante on any look.

Denise- MCI 3

Do you have time saving beauty or fashion tips since becoming a mommy that you would like to offer to other moms?

Cute hats and or wigs are a must! I wear my natural hair and caring for and styling my hair is time consuming. I don’t always have time with two kids so it’s great to be able to throw on a wig or cute hat and go. Find two or three really good outfits that you can switch up and wear again and again, a couple pairs of jeans that fit you really well, your fave two or  three tops and a go-to dress- just rotate those when you don’t have the time to create new looks.

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