Baby Clothes: Marshalls

So I recently hit a dilemma in preparing for my new bundle of joy. When it was revealed that I was having a boy, I immediately thought that I wouldn’t have to purchase new clothes because I already had a two year old boy at home. Well I was WRONG WRONG WRONG! Greysen, my first born was born in October, and my new baby will be born in June. Two completely different seasons with two completely different wardrobes. So in the midst of my panic attack, I ran to the Marshalls in my neighborhood. What’s so great about Marshalls, is ¬† ¬†they have in season designer styles for affordable prices. Now that I will be shopping for multiple children, Marshalls will be my go to for wardrobe enhancement. Check out these adorable rompers for just under $15! Stay chic Mummy’s and Babies XOXOXO


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