Five Tips to Prepare Baby Number One for Baby Number Two

Preparing number twoWow, what an incredible and complex journey my second pregnancy and preparing for baby number two has been. I have just reached 32 weeks and I can finally see the finish line. However, even though I have done everything I can to prepare my two year old son for my pregnancy, it has been quite the challenge getting him to grasp the concept of a second baby living in the house with him. I often tell friends and family that he has a love- hate relationship with my baby bump. One day he’ll say “Hi baby!” and the next day he’ll say “No baby! Go away!” As his world is about to change, we have began preparing him for what is to come. Although it has been quite the process, my son is finally coming around to the idea of having baby number two around. So with the many challenges we have faced, we have also had many successes in preparing him for baby number two.  I have compiled a list of ways to slowly incorporate baby number two into baby number ones life in order to create as less stress as possible when baby number two arrives. Please leave some of your tips in the comments section below. Stay chic Mummy’s XOXOXO


  1. BOOKS!!– Our family is huge on books. We read them every night and felt that this was a less invasive route to introduce our son to the idea of baby number two. Big brother/ big sister books give baby number one a purpose as they begin to learn what their new responsibilites will be. Some nights my baby number one even enjoys reading to baby number two. One of my favorites is The New Small Person by Lauren Child.
  2. Sonograms– It is very important that your baby number one understands exactly what is going on in your growing belly. As your belly expands, and you receive more life like songograms, or even 3D sonograms, share them with your child. Explain that baby number two is a living thing that is growing and preparing for its arrival. My son loves pictures so the sonograms have really put things into perspective for him.
  3. Sharing– Learning the concept of sharing has probably been one of our toughest challenges. My son is accustomed to being the center of attention and having the world revolve around him. He is the only grandchild on my side of the family, so to say that he is spoiled is an understatement. Although he is in school daily, he still has difficulty sharing at home. So to prepare for baby number two, we began to interrupt our baby number ones solo playtime. Asking him to take turns and allow us to see his toys was a challenge for him, but it was very important that he understands that everyone deserves a turn.
  4. Shopping Through Baby Number Ones Old Things– Well this was a fun task! We literally pulled out all of our baby number ones old items from our storage room and layed it out in the living room for him to see. Of course, everything he saw deserved a “that’s mine!” However, we explained what each item was and why it was going to be baby number two’s. I know that this task can be difficult for baby number one, so we did not rush it. It took us about two weeks to go through each relevant piece of clothing, toy, walker, bouncer, etc. and we moved at baby number ones pace. By the end, baby number one began placing his items in piles for baby number two, as he was finally ready to relinquish ownership. LOL.
  5. Incorporating Baby Number Two Your Dailly Lives– We talk to baby number one constantly. Although he is only two we speak with him daily to enhance his vocabulary and ensure he is always included. So why not continue talking to your baby about your new baby? Since baby number two is apart of our familly, I let baby number one know when baby number two is moving, eating, sleeping, dancing and saying hello. This generates a conversation for baby number one to have with your growing belly. It’s not only a bonding experience for your two little ones, but it will also be some of your sweetest memories during your second pregnancy.

With only seven weeks left until my scheduled C-section, I am doing all that I can to make sure my ducks are in a row. But the truth is, with all of the preparation in the world I don’t belive anything will 100% prepare me for my new bundle of joy. Motherhood is a constant learning experience and it is my belief that we, as mothers, learn from eachother. I hope that my tips will help you in preparing as best you can for your baby number two.

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